This Agreement governing the terms and conditions of your use of Wasatch Pressure Washing service is between you (“you” or “Customer”), as an authorized user of such services, and Wasatch Pressure Washing (The Service).
This Agreement, together with any operating rules, policies, price schedules, or other supplemental documents expressly incorporated herein by reference and published from time to time by Wasatch Pressure Washing (collectively, the “Agreement”), constitutes the entire agreement between Wasatch Pressure Washing and you regarding the Wasatch Pressure Washing cleaning service. By using the Service, you confirm your acceptance of and agree to be bound by this Agreement.


Communication from Wasatch Pressure Washing provides email and/or SMS text messages for notifications regarding your service; please ensure that info@wasatchpressurewashing.com is whitelisted to ensure that Wasatch Pressure Washing communication is not sent to your junk email folder.

Standard Terms and Conditions

1. Legally Binding Agreement: By signing a contract with Wasatch Pressure Washing, you (the customer, and whereas applicable your employees, tenants, agents and assigns – collectively, the “parties”) are signing a legally binding contract for work to be completed at an agreed-upon price. In the event that you break this contract, all deposits made to the Wasatch Pressure Washing shall reserve the right to retain all deposits.

2. Payments: Payments to Wasatch Pressure Washing are due as per the contract schedule and are to be paid by electronic payment or check. All balances are ALWAYS due upon completion of the job. Any variance to this policy must be agreed upon and in writing per our contract. Late charges will be immediately assessed on all balances not paid in accordance with contract terms. The customer agrees to pay any collection cost incurred by Wasatch Pressure Washing related to the collection process of outstanding balances.

3. Safety and Courtesy: While Wasatch Pressure Washing is on location and performing work on your property, you are responsible for keeping all children and pets, as well as other individuals away from the work area. Do not open doors, windows, and garages while work is being performed. This is for your safety as well as our own.

4. Scheduling and Weather: Inclement weather and conditions that affect our employee health, may affect scheduling. We try our best to keep scheduling conflicts to a minimum, however, circumstances that are beyond our control may affect your project start and completion dates. You will promptly receive notification of any changes.

5. Client cancellation/reschedule/Refund: In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule, Wasatch Pressure Washing requires a written notification sent 72 hours in advance to info@wasatchpressurewashing.com. Failure to provide proper notification allows Wasatch Pressure Washing to reserve the right to retain deposits in the form of damages. Refunds are not applicable once the service work has been completed.

6. Water Usage: By signing this agreement, you agree to provide Wasatch Pressure Washing with the right to use an on-site water supply as needed to complete the stated project without compensation. If an exterior water supply is required, it will be at an additional charge. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the water supply is on and in working order before we arrive. Additional charges will be applied if water is not available.

7. Electrical Usage: By signing this agreement, you agree to provide Wasatch Pressure Washing the right to use an on-site source of electricity as needed to complete the stated project without compensation. If an exterior source is required it will be at an additional charge.

8. Removal/Replacement/Protection of Items: Unless otherwise agreed on, removal and replacement of grills, deck furniture, planters, and any other items are the responsibility of the owner prior to arrival. In addition, the owner must completely remove any outdoor televisions and accessories (speakers, wires, other electronics, etc.) prior to our arrival. Should Wasatch Pressure Washing need to remove items, we will not be responsible for any damage, breakage or for storage issues. An additional charge may be applied for the time and labor devoted to the removal of these items.

9. Removal & Replacement of Signage: It is your responsibility to either remove or adequately safeguard all exterior signage or similar objects susceptible to damage from exposure to water, chemicals, cleaning solutions, and other cleaning elements. Additional charges may be incurred for the removal, protection, or replacement of these items.
10. Damages: Wasatch Pressure Washing is not responsible for damages due to improperly installed siding, loose shingles or siding, broken or opened windows, improperly sealed windows and doors, wood rot, defective construction, improperly secured wires, loose or improperly installed gutters, and leaders and improper caulking. In every aluminum siding case and in some cases with vinyl siding, the sun and weather will bleach the color or cause fading. Power washing, which entails the removal of chalky, gritty, or failing surface materials may cause the faded aspects of the vinyl or aluminum to stand out. Wasatch Pressure Washing will not be responsible for such conditions. Wasatch Pressure Washing will not be responsible for loose mortar that may dislodge during the cleaning process.

11. Stains: Some stains cannot be removed by power washing. Tree sap, artillery fungus, splatters from stains and paints are examples of materials that cannot be removed by conventional means. We make every attempt to point these areas out to the customer when quoting the project. Sometimes these stains cannot be removed at all.

12. Watertight: Wasatch Pressure Washing Services expects your property to be in good repair and weathertight. This includes, but is not limited to all electrical services including receptacles and light fixtures. Doors and windows shall also be weathertight. Wasatch Pressure Washing Services is not responsible for damages as a result of water infiltration from poor or improper installation, maintenance, or repair of electrical-related items or doors or windows. Wasatch Pressure Washing cannot guarantee removal of artillery fungus from exterior house surfaces.

13. Window Spotting: Windows may become water spotted as a result of our services. Window cleaning is NOT included.

14. Concrete: The appearance of concrete depends on a number of factors most linked to when the concrete was initially poured and cured. When concrete with dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other pollutants and stains is cleaned, the concrete will then reveal any and all imperfections that the pollutants and stains have covered up. The customer understands that not all concrete will look the same even on the same driveway, patio, sidewalk, or concrete slab.

15. Oxidation: In instances involving aluminum siding and, to some extent, vinyl siding, prolonged exposure to sunlight and weather conditions may lead to color bleaching and fading. The elimination of chalky, gritty, fading, or deteriorating surface materials during the cleaning process may result in certain sections of the vinyl or aluminum siding standing out. It is important to note that Wasatch Pressure Washing bears no responsibility for such occurrences. Dark oxidation naturally occurs over time on exterior aluminum surfaces, and while cleaning may sometimes remove this oxidation, there is no guarantee of consistent results. Wasatch Pressure Washing does not provide assurances or price reductions in cases where oxidation is non-removable. Additionally, during the cleaning of gutter exteriors, occasional paint removal may occur due to oxidation or organic matter penetrating through the paint. Wasatch Pressure Washing cannot be held accountable for this, as it is impossible to predict which gutters may be affected by such conditions.
16. Color and Tone Concerns: The properties and species of wood age and weather can greatly affect the resulting color or tone of the stain. Note: Variances may occur on individual boards as well as the total project, as densities and other characteristics vary across and throughout the wood. Wasatch Pressure Washing and its associates attempt to represent the final finish color and tones as best as possible. While we can often give you an idea of the overall color or tone you must expect some variance in the overall finish.
18. Failings in Paint Tints & Pigments: Potential deficiencies in paint tints and pigments may become apparent following exposure to our cleaner and/or cleaning procedures. While a paint test will be conducted in an inconspicuous location, there is a possibility that issues may emerge in isolated areas later in the cleaning process. Notably, blue and brown paints are more susceptible to tinting and pigment alterations, although this concern is not exclusive to these colors. It is important to acknowledge that Wasatch Pressure Washing bears no responsibility for manufacturer defects, including tinting or pigment changes and/or failings, that manifest during our cleaning procedures.

19. Photos and Video Footage: By engaging the services of Wasatch Pressure Washing, you hereby grant explicit permission for the utilization of any photos and video footage capturing the areas subjected to cleaning activities, exclusively for advertising and marketing purposes. This authorization encompasses the use of such visual content on the internet, social media platforms, and our official website.
20. Works and Services: The execution of work and services is confined to the specifications outlined in the document, estimate, or proposal delivered to you, whether in physical or electronic form. Any additional services requested by you will be subject to extra charges and will be incorporated into the contract accordingly. It is imperative to thoroughly review the entire document, estimate, or proposal to confirm that all desired services are explicitly mentioned. If a service is not included, kindly request an amendment through communication with our representative to ensure an accurate representation of your service requirements.


Wasatch Pressure Washing may amend this Agreement at any time by (a) posting a revised Customer Agreement at https://wasatchpressurewashing.com and/or (b) mailing or sending information regarding the amendment to the email address provided to Wasatch Pressure Washing by you.
We welcome all inquiries, questions and comments regarding any changes made to the agreement from our clients. Our goal is to always serve our clients to the best of our ability. Any changes to the agreement would be solely made for the betterment of the service program.


Both parties mutually agree that, in the event of any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement, both current and future, including its formation, performance, or breach, they will first attempt to resolve the matter through arbitration. This alternative dispute resolution process shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of a mutually agreed-upon arbitration institution or, in the absence of such agreement, in accordance with the prevailing rules of arbitration law. Both parties acknowledge and agree that the decision rendered by the arbitrator(s) will be final and binding, and may be entered as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. By entering into this agreement, both parties willingly waive their right to pursue resolution through litigation or other judicial proceedings, except as expressly provided for in the terms of arbitration outlined herein.


The failure of either party to enforce its rights under this Agreement at any time for any period shall not be construed as a waiver of such rights. If any part, term or provision of this Agreement is held to be illegal or unenforceable neither the validity nor enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement shall be affected.
Neither Party shall assign or transfer all or any part of its rights under this Agreement without the consent of the other Party. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the Parties relating to the subject matter hereof unless any representation or warranty made about this Agreement was made fraudulently supersedes all prior representations, writings, negotiations or understandings with respect thereto.
Neither Party shall be liable for failure to perform or delay in performing any obligation under this Agreement if the failure or delay is caused by any circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of god, war, civil commotion or industrial dispute. If such delay or failure continues for at least 30 days, the Party not affected by such delay or failure shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement by notice in writing to the other.